Cool and Unusual Things to Do in Navi Mumbai for your next vacation

Cool and Unusual Things to Do in Navi Mumbai for your next vacation

Are you looking for Cool and Unusual Things to Do in Navi Mumbai for your next vacation? Yes? Then, you are at the right place!

Mumbai’s twin city is located between Thane Creek, the Sahyadri Mountains, and the sea coast and offers a ton of interesting activities to do and sights to explore. For a little bit of fun and recreation, here is the complete list of all the not-so-common things to do here in Navi Mumbait:

Take a road trip to Palm Beach Marg!

The longest, widest, and perhaps the most picturesque highways of Navi Mumbai is a huge attraction, even for the locals. Take a long drive with your beloved and be mesmerized by the countryside!

Navi Mumbai’s Picture-Perfect Jewel!

As the name implies, The Jewel of Navi Mumbai is a genuine gem of the city. A lake surrounds the region and draws many visitors because of its splendor and attractiveness.

Visit Utsav Chowk

The central area of Navi Mumbai is called Utsav Chowk. If you’re seeking fun things to do at night in Navi Mumbai, then this is the spot for you.

Gadeshwar Dam

Enjoy the serene, tranquil waters of the Gadeshwar Dam, which is located near Navi Mumbai. You’ll feel refreshed by the calm sea wind that kisses the dam’s quiet waters.

Sailing in Mumbai

Yes! You read that right. Sail in Navi Mumbai along the beautiful Arabian Sea coastline. Enjoy the beautifully designed deck with amazing views of historic lighthouses and naval bases while bee-bopping to the music. Watch adorable dolphins against a captivating backdrop.

Visit Pandavkada Falls, a Magnificent Waterfall

If you are a nature enthusiast, you’ll be happy to learn that Navi Mumbai has a variety of enjoyable activities to choose from, one of which is visiting the Pandavkada waterfalls.

Dine at “Appetite” by 7 Apple Hotel

Entice up your tastebuds! The symphony of taste and the titiating of tastebuds will stay with you forever. Your visit to “Appetite,” which strikes the ideal balance between ambience and high-quality, hygienic food, is sure to be a memorable experience.

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