The Statue of Unity–What Every Tourist in the World Must Know About it

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The Statue of Unity–What Every Tourist in the World Must Know About it

The 182-meter tall monument, resistant to winds blowing to the massive speed of 200 kmph, and
standing tall above the highest flood levels recorded till date—‘Statue of Unity’ is fast emerging as a
top choice for tourists in India.

Identified as one of the tallest statues in the world, it depicts Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel – the first
Home Minister of India and the architect of United India. This statue faces the Sarovar Dam built on
the popular Narmada river. Standing at a height of 237.5 meters above sea level, this monument
spreads across a total radius of 12 km and leaves visitors awestruck every day.

This single statue has brought ample traction to the entire state of Gujrat – hometown of India’s
current Prime Minister Narendra Modi, and if reports were to be believed, it records a daily footfall
of nearly 30,000 people.

In addition to some of the amazing features such as its dimensions and sturdiness – measured in
terms of resistance to an earthquake impact of upto 6.5 richter scale too – this statue amuses
visitors since it entails components that were rare to find 100 years ago when it was built. For
instance, this statue’s surface skin is composed of as many as 553 bronze panels.

Besides the perfection in the architecture and visual amusement, this statue also offers an
opportunity to the visitors to visit a museum and exhibition gallery situated at its base. Both these
places bring out a picture of Sardar Patel’s life history.

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