Sharing Room – better stay solo in this time

Sharing Room – better stay solo in this time

It’s a new era for the Hospitality Sector which is almost changed today what it was a year’s back. Hotels are following up new staying standards that include hygiene, clean, safety, social distancing, and touch-free systems. Parameters for selecting a hotel during business or leisure travel have changed. Now travelers are asking and accepting hotels, which provide rooms, restaurant with maximum hygiene standards and convince them for a secure stay.


The best way to protect you these days is social distancing. Distancing not only from outsiders but also from insiders like colleagues, friends, and relatives, etc. Government and All Public service departments are also encouraging the practice of social distancing. People are avoiding gathering in public places, malls, and avoiding buffet food. Business houses also want to secure their employees while traveling and staying in a hotel. They are now asking hotels to give the best of safety and hygiene standards to their employees.


Due to this, the Importance of solo staying is increasing because it makes travelers feel safe and comfortable. This was very popular in developed countries earlier but now in India also we saw it is growing day by day. Many hotels encouraging their guests to stay solo to give them comfort in the room.


7 Apple Hotels in Aurangabad, Pune, and Vadodara always maintained industry top hygiene standards and are designed in such a way that travelers can comfortably stay solo. These hotels are very budget-friendly so that there will not be any extra burden over solo Travelers. These cities are manufacturing hubs and business travelers visiting these cities prefer solo stay. These hotels do notallow food in the room and have a restaurant where food is served. Food prepare and serve with the highest level of


Don’t afraid, keep traveling, and be safe!

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