Packing list for spending your summers in Goa

Packing list for spending your summers in Goa

Without any doubt, Goa is everyone’s favourite beach destination in India. The perfect blend of Indian and Portuguese culture, serene beaches, thrilling adventure sports, mouthwatering Goan delicacies and exciting nightlife, all together makes Goa a complete package of calmness and thrill. This pocket sized state in India receives plenty of tourists during winters. Escaping to Goa from the chilly winter of northern India is what we have always heard. But ever thought of spending summers in Goa

Summers in Goa start from the end of March and last upto June-mid. The temperature during the months of March and April are quite pleasant to roam around the state. But as the May starts the temperature goes upto 38 degrees. Still we have some extraordinary reasons to spend your summer holidays in Goa.

Top 3 reasons to spend Summers in Goa

With palm tassel scenic beaches, this destination in India can be visited throughout the year. Summers being an off-season gives some major reasons to visit the land of Sun, Sea and Surf. 


  • Pay Less, Enjoy More


Off-season destination means getting slashed prices in both hotels and airlines. Many resorts in North Goa offer summer packages along with cheaper room prices. You can imagine having a luxurious holiday without going over-budget.


  • Soak sun away from clattering crowd


What can be better than enjoying the serenity of beaches without so many people around. During this time of the year, most of the beaches are hardly crowded. You can freely lay back and soak vitamin D on a sun-kissed beach.


  • Enjoy Goan Summer festivals


The lively vibes of Goan festivities are the talk of the country. Everyone gets attracted towards this high-spirited state with some lovely festivals. Goa hosts many festivals during the month of summer. You can enjoy the Goa Mango Festival, Goa Cashew & Coconut Festival, Shigmo, the Goan Food and Music Festival and Sao Joao Festival.

Now, when you have reasons to plan a trip during summers. Make sure you pack the following items to your luggages for spending your summers in Goa

  1. Swimwear
  2. Comfortable footwear
  3. Hats/ caps
  4. Sunglasses
  5. Sunscreens
  6. Funky Jewellery
  7. Loose cotton clothes
  8. Clubwear 

Your Goa trip will be incomplete if you don’t try out lip-smacking Goan food, bargain at local shops, get high on adrenaline with the best water sports and enjoy a solitude evening by the beach. The cherry on the cake would be discovering hidden gems in peace. Did you ever thought, Summers in Goa could be this amazing?

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So, are you ready to roll down your suitcase through the streets of Goa this summer?

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