A Travellers Guide to North Goa

A Travellers Guide to North Goa

There is no shortage of things to do in North Goa, attracting guests with the area’s
unique charm, elegance and character, seen through the soft golden sands, backed
by the beach shacks and the welcoming hospitality of the Inland villages. The
space is vast and presents a world of opportunities simply consolidated in our very
own North Goan Travel Guide.

Things to Do

“The party capital of India” is taking your dining and dancing to some of our
favourite locations, like Britto’s, SinQ and Club Cubana. If you have already tried
these options then our hidden gem, Aura – The Lounge Bar will be a refreshing
change for your night out.
Golden Beaches

Rest on the sands of some of the top beaches that North Goa has to offer further
accompanied by delicious foods and delicacies. Take the trip down to the Arabian
Coastline, basking in the sunlight of the famous beaches housed in Morjim, Baga,
Candolim and Anjuna.
Thriving Markets
The bustling market is a hotspot for foregin and local tourists looking for items with
extremely affordable prices. Stroll through the Mapusa Friday Market or be spoiled
for choice at the Anjuna Flea Market.
North Goan Culture

If you are presented with the opportunity to visit North Goa then you must
experience the local culture first hand. Marvel at the olden structures, temples and
churches, whose roots form the identity of the coastal state. Aguada Fort,
Mangeshi Temple, Basilica of Bom Jesus and Chapora Fort are a few that we
highly recommend.
Things To Eat
Goa is known for its rich cuisines, often considered to be a blend of Portuguese
Inspiration with Indian Flavours. With such variety we have suggested a few of the
best places to eat in North Goa, treating your taste buds to a sensation that it
cannot comprehend yet thoroughly enjoys.

When it comes to Goan Cuisine you cannot help but think about the main staple –
Fish, presented to you in a myriad of ways like the ever popular Crab Xacuti, Goan

Prawn Curry and Fish Curry or simply fried. If the seas do not fulfill your Appetite,
then the land surely will. Pork Vindaloo, Sorpotel and Sausages is a native specialty
of this region. A culmination of spices and meats put together to form a party in
your mouth.
Last but not least, desserts. A selection that will complete your journey with
Bebinca, Neureos, Dodol and Coconut Ice to name a few. You could expect all of
this and alot more at restaurants like Appetite, a melting pot of worldly cuisines
under one roof put together by a new up and coming resort called AmoraVida.
Places to Stay

There are an innumerable amount of places to stay in North Goa but we do
recommend AmoraVida, a new resort located in Dhargalim, packed with all the
modern amenities and facilities like a pool, restaurant, bar, banquets, lawn and
alot more. Here you are the top priority with ever hospitable staff that will always
be ready to serve.

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